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It Begins

Birthing A Ministry

This is the face of what it feels like. It’s a mixture of tears, joy, and the reality of the journey of seeing God defy every stereotype, statistic, label, and odds to call you to follow.

It’s God turning the tables in your life to take the place that brought your greatest pain, to be the place he calls you to send a trumpet call of revival.

The one night stand baby becomes the voice to the orphans.

The abused child becomes the encourager to the abused to March into freedom.

The one sold for drugs becomes the one seeing drug kings saved and leading Bible studies.

The one with a Ged, becomes the college graduates with 2 degrees with highest honor a Chaplain and an Ordained Minister of Evangelism.

There have been many tears and triumphs on this journey.

But one thing I can say is only God can do that.

So on we March roaring for the Kingdom to see God’s truth proclaimed throughout the earth in the call to expand his Kingdom.

What does it look like birthing a ministry knowing your a vessel only God can do that through. It looks like tears and joy.

On we March.

God let your #kingdomroar

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