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I'll Stand for the Truth

Compromise will have you opposing those who won’t compromise.

There is only one way, one truth, and one. The only way to come is through him. John 14:6

Compromise now, and deny him now, your eternity will reveal where the land of Lukewarm takes you.

We are not to water down the truth, Jesus has shown us the way. We are told many will choose a wide way while few will choose the narrow.

If you want to follow a crowd led by opposition and compromise today, that idol worship will be your way tomorrow.

We are told many will want to hear what their itching ears want to hear.

Yet denying the truth today because of Physical opposition, is not what gets you through the gate. True belief in Jesus Christ does. True acceptance of his gift does. True acceptance means true relationship, true relationship means love for him. Love for him means obedience to his will and way.

Those who don’t love him oppose his way. Are compromised by every fleeting way. Have itching ears for the peer pressures of humanity willing to please people instead of God.

He says if we deny him before others he will deny us before the Father.

We were not called to create clubhouses of wickedness and acceptance of compromise. We are called to be set apart for God’s way, willing to face opposition and hatred from those influenced by the antichrist, loving the people, offering the invitation through love and truth, shaking the dust from our feet where it’s not recieved and dining where it is received.

People want you to cave to wickedness because they do.

But the crowd screamed free a murderer while one Savior was crucified, and he is the truth. So were his prophets and apostles.

Perhaps you think it’s the crowds that tell the truth, I’ll tell you all throughout the bible it’s often been the one the crowd yelled crucified for testifying to truth.

This world is not your home, The Kingdom of heaven is.

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