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The Mission of Kingdom Roar Ministries is to expand the Kingdom of God by feeding physically and feeding spiritually the marginalized people in the forgotten places of the inner cities of Northern California by  providing the basic necessities of life. 


The Vision of Kingdom Roar is to see inner cities in Northern California with a focus on California's Capitol Sacramento to see the Kingdom of God Expanded in the darkest regions. With a foundation of God's word, Kingdom Roar holds these three pillars of scripture:

 Based on Isaiah 55 we will be providing free support to homeless and marginalized individuals living on the streets, while sharing the message of salvation revealing both the physical and eternal gifts of God are free. 

Based on Isaiah 58 we will be targeting hearts that God has called us to in his promoting of living out the true nature of fasting by caring for the orphan and widow with true care. 


Based on Matthew 25:35-40 we will be feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, visiting the prisoners who have been saved on the streets but have turned their lives around. We will be caring for the lowly, and bringing comfort to the broken hearted. 

We will watch God's Kingdom Roar. 

We Will:

Minister to the marginalized, outcast, unchurched, and church wounded, youth and addicts.
Minister to the foreigners through biblical education and provision.
Provide Mobile Resource Centers to equip individuals to getting permanent housing
Hosting Community event that bring mass audiences to an arena of invitation.
Preach the word of God in this hour without fearing opposition, cancellation, or attacks.
Position ourselves in places to oppose the narrative that opposes God in the government, assembly floors, councils and education systems: Issues we battle: abortion, closing of churches, oppositions to freedoms and rights that protect our ability to live out following Jesus.


Mission and Vision

Our Team.

It takes a dynamic team to go out and roar for the Kingdom in today's world. Yet that is exactly what God has brought together. These are some of the faces of the core team, but there are many more that volunteer time and efforts to see the Kingdom of God expanded on earth here in the Sacramento Region. 


Kingdom Roar was birthed out of a desire to see God's Kingdom Expanded. 

In California there was an epidemic of fear, and anxiety filling the land. 

Shootings and drug addiction filling the cities. Gang violence, poverty, and despair 

growing throughout the land. Day after day Jackie Turner a.k.a Jackie The Street Preacher would step out into the world asking God how could this be changed. One day lying on the bed after another shooting

in Sacramento California, God spoke to Jackie to go to K Street where the shooting happened and preach there. So she got up in the middle of the night, drove to Sacramento and said to God, I will take my bible and I will sit on this sidewalk, if you send someone to hear the message I will preach here. He sent three young men and for over an hour Jackie preached to them. This call led to her beginning to take the Gospel into the darkest parts of Sacramento and other locations of Northern California with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At first those watching gave their warnings about being safe. Yet Jackie was compelled to listen to God's voice above anything else. As people watched what was happening, more fearless warriors joined the battle. These warriors were determined to take back the streets. Leading teams out to do street ministry where most wouldn't go, the Kingdom expanded through miracles, signs, and wonders in the streets. Drug Kings began giving their lives to Christ. People began going into the churches. Others went back to work and got off the streets. Addicts and Alcoholics gave up their coping tools. With Jackie's God given motto to feed them physically and feed them spiritually, the mission was embedded in her soul. As she continued on the path, the Lord kept coming in her dreams as the Lion of Judah, showing her what to do, where to go, and who to reach. As the ministry expanded, she kept hearing God say, my Kingdom shall roar. Today with volunteers and partners the mission is only beginning as the harvest field is ripe.

        With the scriptures Isaiah 55, Isaiah 58, Matthew 25:35-40, and a message that love is the Roar that will shift and shake the city, Jackie and the team will march on. By faith they began planting the seeds and tilling the fields, and teaching others how to evangelize in the parts of the city the church has forgotten. This is how the birth of Kingdom Roar Ministries began. A call of God, and a woman crazy enough to say, yes I'll go, and a team that said we will come too.




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