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Kingdom Roar Ministries

Evangelism In Sacramento

Sacramento is where this ministry found it's roots. Around Cesar Chavez Park Plaza, and around the blocks of downtown Sacramento we feed the people, clothe the people, and minister to the people. With a motto of feed them physically and feed them spiritually, we are set on sharing the love of Christ to the least of these. 


Tuesday Outreaches

We typically begin at 6pm on Tuesdays and minister until or 8pm depending how prayer time unfolds. There is a time of opening  of feeding the people worship, a testimony, a message, and then a time to pray together and participate in evangelism.. 

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Welcome Them

As we take the blocks of Sacramento we sometimes feature guest speakers. We feature worship artists, and intercession teams to bring in the presence of God, and allow people passing through to experience street evangelism.

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