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Debrief on a Skatepark Outreach by Wade Carman

Skatepark outreach debrief: 05/20/2023

After spending a few hours out at the skatepark today showing love to strangers and giving out food, drinks, and gifts the same question came up repeatedly, “Why are you doing this?” Why would people just come give things for free to a group of people they don’t know and that didn’t do anything to earn it. The answer is, to share the love of Christ.

Jesus Christ loves all of us and sacrificed for all of us when we don’t do anything to earn it or deserve it. To most people, and specifically today a group of skaters that typically think of themselves as rebels, this is a shocking thought. A shocking experience of love and kindness can work to transform hearts and build a desire to get to know Jesus and follow his ways. None of us are perfect except for Jesus so we worship Jesus and follow Him.

Today I saw kids that were grateful to receive love and they were sharing that same love and generosity with one another. When they heard what was happening today, they texted their friends and invited them to share in it all. One skater truly showed a heart of selflessness giving away something he was excited about in an effort to look out for someone else before himself. Another skater willingly said he would make sure that anyone that came and was hungry would get some leftover pizza after we left. All were cheering for each other while skateboarding.

Generosity and love without condemnation can soften hearts, tear down walls of bitterness, pride, and anger. It makes people feel valued not based on judgments or a record of wrongs but because they are God’s creation. It can give people a desire and spark in their heart to follow and worship Jesus Christ.

- Wade Carman

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